CTC takes steps to assure that the quality of the air being delivered by your mechanical systems is not overlooked. With the high volume of employees, clients and guests entering your facilities and the distinct possibility of unseen germs being introduced, the services we offer could prove to be extremely beneficial. Some of the extra steps taken are as follows:

  • Air Filters: We utilize high- efficiency pleated air filters. Whereas, the standard disposable filters are approximately 8% to 10% efficient, our filters are approximately 35% to 40% efficient. Dust and contaminants, which are not stopped at the filter, either collect on the units cooling coils causing higher  operating costs or re-circulated back into the space being serviced.
  • Condensate Water: As your Air conditioning system cools the air, moisture is removed, resulting in water being collected in the condensate pan. Without proper treatment, bacteria and slime can begin to grow, possibly clogging the drain and causing moisture damage. These bacteria can cause musty odors and other health concerns. We treat each condensate pan during the cooling season service inspections with a time-release Biocide, especially formulated for this purpose.
  • Evaporator Cooling Coils: Dirty or clogged evaporator cooling coils can reduce the air flow to the controlled space, resulting in less than optimal comfort conditions, higher operating costs and possible equipment damage. These accumulations can also harbor germs because of the damp environment. Charlotte Temperature Controls, Inc. will monitor the condition of your coils at each cooling season inspection and advise if cleaning is required.
  • Fresh Air Intake: Charlotte Temperature Controls, Inc. will monitor the fresh air intake dampers at each regular service inspection and adjust to maintain the proper fresh air mix with the conditioned air.
  • Air Handler Interior Surface Treatment: Along with our Maintenance Program, we offer a treatment of the interior surfaces of the air-handling unit which comes in direct contact with the air being introduced into your facility. The product utilized, (Bio-Fresh cd), is a fungicide-virucide-mildewstat-deodorant and disinfectant. It kills odor-causing bacteria and germs and is tested effective against Legionella. All interior portions of the air-handling equipment, to include the evaporator coils, fan wheels, blower housing and cabinet insulation will be treated.The product will be applied by sprayer or high velocity fogger, which breaks the solution into a mist/fog, allowing it to reach areas of the system where a course spray application may not penetrate.