Many facilities have outdated control systems that they lack access to and are unable to gain proper control of their facilities heating and cooling. We can gain access to your system and determine the best path forward whether its a full retrofit of the control system or a slow integration into a new up to date control system. We utilize the Honeywell control product and integrate it with the Tridium Niagara web base software to supply a state of the art user interface. This allows the customer full access to their facility’s control system were they can set up schedules, check sensor readings and manage any issues before they cause downtime.  


Save Energy with Variable Frequency Drives

We will work up an energy savings calculation to show the return on investment for the installation of VFDs. We will make sure to take advantage of any rebate programs offered by your local energy provider.

  • Modulate the speed of fans and pumps to maximize energy savings
  • Integrate the VFD into building automation systems or directly with equipment.
  • Easy interface with a graphical display

Update Pneumatic Controls To Digital Controls

With over 32 years of experience in building automation, our experienced technicians can give you a path to update your older pneumatics controls systems to new digital controls.  Request a quote today to get started on a new control system!

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